Research Policy
Integrity, Responsibility,-and Accountability

The Behring Institute for Medical Research believes that integrity, responsibility, and accountability are essential to improve health, medical education and reduce illness on society. The policies governing research by the Behring Institute investigators and scientists at the Behring Institute for Medical Research Campus establish high standards for scientific and ethical conduct. They are also intended to ensure that the research furthers the public good and set forth guidelines for making research materials, tools, and publications widely accessible within the scientific community and beyond.

For scientific research the Behring Institute created guidelines describing general standards for conduct in research and scholarship. They are written to create a common understanding of expectations and responsibilities relating to the medical research and studies by the Behring Institute. The Behring Institute intends to promote the quality and integrity of the work and interactions in the laboratories and helping to prevent scientific misconduct by the use of the research policy guidelines. The Behring Institute is an organization dedicated to biomedical research in the public interest. And it expects that its scientists and researcher conduct their medical research in the highest of scientific and ethical standards.
Other current research

Studies of Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Disease The purpose of this study is to see how heavy and prolonged drug abuse affects protection from or risk of developing autoimmune diseases. We are studying heavy drug abusers that have been or are addicted for more then 10 years to "hard drugs".

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Colon Cancer in Non-alcoholic IBS

Colon Cancer The aim of this study is to understand why people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that is not due to alcohol abuse, are still at increased risk for colon cancer. This condition is called non-alcoholic colon cancer and is researched by extensive tests.

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