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To become a (paid) volunteer, please complete the volunteers registration form at the right of this page.

Once you have registered as volunteer you can click the apply online button at the bottom of any survey to submit your details direct to that particular research unit. By registering you will also be able to set up 'SurveyAlerts', these are alerts send to you by e-mail when a new (paid) survey is being introduced. You can then click to view the survey advert received in your email, and choose yourself whether or not to apply.

When registering as a (paid) volunteer, please notice the following:
The Behring Institute for Medical Research does not charge you in anyway to use any of our volunteer services. The Behring Institute for Medical Research does not allow clinics and researchers to view your personal information from within our database - only you can choose who views your private contact information. The Behring Institute for Medical Research will not contact you personally to conduct research. The only time you will hear from us, is if you contact us first, or you have opted into receiving email alerts.

Your privacy and safety is of paramount importance to us, and as a result the only people who can view or receive your contact details, are those that you choose to of your own free will. By entering your details, we can assure you that the Behring Institute for Medical Research will not pass on your contact details to any third parties, and will not allow any trial companies access into our secure database to view your personal contact details. The only time recruiters will receive your contact information, will be when you have specifically chosen to apply to them by clicking the apply online button.
Please be aware when applying to a survey, that you will not be enrolled in that particular research study until you have met with and or completed forms from the research unit you have applied to, and more importantly have signed an informed consent document to volunteer in a particular research study. When entering a Behring Institute for Medical Research every volunteer will recieve a complete medical check up by one of our qualified staff members. You are not obliged to commence with or complete a survey, even after you have signed the consent form. Furthermore you can withdraw from a survey at anytime.
Before using the Behring Institute for Medical Research site and registering, please view the Behring Institute privacy policy, and disclaimer.

Financial compensation
By registering as a (paid) volunteer you will receive a payment fitting other research firms and institutions. By law we are not allowed to disclose any financial compensation until personal contact is made with one of the Berhing Institute advisors. After registration you will be contacted by one of our advisors for further details and advice about financial compensation for clinical surveys, trails and research.